Be Delivered

Deliverance is another pillar in The Flow Kingdom Ministries. We believe that there is always a need for something to be transformed, which is where the power of deliverance comes in. We believe that when you get a person who is addicted to something to move in behavioral modification based on a series of laws, they will eventually revert. But, if you move in the area of transformation, their appetite is no longer the same. So, they’re not trying to be right, they are right. When it comes to deliverance, this is, a much-neglected area of what Jesus introduced in the Kingdom. Why? Because it’s a full 100% dependency on God verses man’s knowledge. It is completely acknowledging God in the midst of that moment. We are all built as temples. As temples, we have rooms and within those rooms we have compartments. We have closets. We have different areas that can be filled. You can be Christian and still be completely possessed, influenced, or suppressed because of that one area. Yes you can love on the Lord, this is not a question of love, it’s a question of understanding connection and what you’re going to move in here on earth.