Who We Are

Our Vision

Moving in a global arena, we intend to affect not just locally, but also internationally. Our purpose is to save as many souls as possible. We want to make sure souls are number one. With God as our leader, we then move. His love is for the souls, therefore our love is for the souls as well.

Our Mission

Our mission is to unite those who have come to a place of understanding of wanting to know who Jesus is, to encourage their walk, to make them understand that it is not as complicated as they think, to promote a spiritual awareness, not just with those that are in the church , but also with those that have never been churched before. It is to inspire leadership within the church body and to assist in the aims and purposes that have been established for our community. Our purpose is to go beyond the church walls and to help those who are in need. For our concept and our mission is to make sure that the church is both a gym for enhancement and also an emergency room for those who are sick.

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